I'm Emelia Essumanba-Josiah, a result-driven Communications & Marketing Strategist with over eight years of experience in the media, agricultural, non-profit, and international education sectors.

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I have a proven track record of developing and managing the implementation of effective and dynamic corporate communication programs, media & public engagements, web development, social media management, digital marketing, brands & crisis management, and events. I am confident I will deliver results with your organization as long as the project places a demand on my skills set.

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Content & Digital Development


Communication| Marketing| PR


Brand/Documentary Production


-Girls in Football Africa (Founder and Writer)

Passionate about football and story- telling, I am on a journey to tell the purest stories of passion, purpose, and pursuits of Girls in Football in and around Africa. 

Women’s football is taking a center stage in football and development as a whole. Individually, and as a team, everyone has a part to play; everyone has a struggle, and a story, and hopefully this inspires you. 

“From the corners of the posts, from the “Sakora parks”, the Astroturfs, the big stadiums- once there are sights and sounds of football and girls/women involved, I am definitely telling their story- EEJ”. 

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